The Future of Human Civilisation

Agarthia is a team of decentralists working on linking blockchain applications to remove the need for individuals to rely on centralised organisations such as corporations, governments and nation states.


Self Actualization - Beyond Blockchains

Agarthans can point to the eco-system that allow individuals, businesses and software (such as AI’s) to freely and securely communicate.

Emerging projects will allow us to perform complex transactions - to access the true power of smart contracts - by connecting us to blockchain applications.

This human intention amplified by etheric machinery is where many will begin to play with self-actualization. To realize one’s full potential, one must be able to distinguish between the choices that are available.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) soar past many limitations such as global accessibility, efficiency, immutability, transparency, and affordability.

The creation of DAOs that are influenced by the collective and not just some select individuals is necessary to the will of all humans. We aim to enhance and improve on many of the said issues and limitations by linking the existing world to that of the blockchain space.



Powered by Decentralised Blockchains

Agarthia’s model replicates the same principles of Bitcoin and its underlying architecture to bring similar degrees of freedom to other parts of our social lives. In essence the true power of Bitcoin does not stem from people being able to create their own banks, but rather, by the process of decentralization.

A large number of services provided by corporations and governments can now be freely accessed - thanks to blockchain technology, the heart of Bitcoin - in a transparent, peer-to-peer format.


Create Your Own Economy

Today’s world is no longer solely dependent on nations, but rather global services accessible through the internet - and other networks - as well as entrepreneurship, which has allowed many to liberate themselves.

Create your own economy and in the process outgrow and detach from governments, nation states, corporations as well as other forms of centralised institutions; a true upliftment of personal sovereignty.

Built for New Societies

New societies such as Liberland and Seasteads have paved the way for new possibilities when approaching the future vision of human progress.

We aim to provide the necessary tools to support such diversification. Establishing new communities, economies or societies has been dramatically enhanced thanks to blockchain applications.



Blockchain Ecosystem at Your Fingertips

Agarthia aims to rapidly improve the learning process and the ability for people to connect with a variety of blockchain applications by becoming a foundation through which one can connect, learn, and innovate.

This total blockchain ecosystem will be at the core of Agarthia to establish blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and in the process re-invent these industries:

Identity, Communication, Arbitration, Basic Income, Governance, Commerce, Trade, Finance, Insurance and Security.